Interior Designer

Oksana   Volkova

I am inspired by beauty of art and architecture in all manners of life,
in museums, galleries, and artists…

I am a Degree qualified  Interior Designer having studied at the Staffordshire University at National Design Academy Nottingham UK, I also have an Economy Degree in Financial Management, Moscow Social Academy.
What inspires me?
I am inspired by beauty of architecture in all manners of life in museums, galleries, and artists–both classic and contemporary and love to visit new places to broaden my life experiences. I love to travel – as for a holiday and also as search for inspiration, and no matter how far it may be New York and London, or a weekend in countryside. I am fascinated with new trends in fashion style and design and in new research I visit interior design fairs in Milan, Paris, Valencia, Madrid, London on regular bases.
What do I need to have good interior?
Mutual understanding between the customer and designer, constructive planning, well-chosen decor, high-quality implementation of the project during the construction work .
What style do you practice in your projects?
My education and experience allow to confidently design in different styles. It’s no secret that the color relationships affect the emotional state .The harmony of colors, it is a science with its rules. According to these already-established laws designers create interiors in various styles.

About work

I have developed a certain concept of work. For me its very important to align with the customers expectations and direct them to the best result.
In addition to the preliminary conversation, I will present photos of the interiors, and work out the right concept. Anticipate any visual images and planning solutions that will be close to customer’s initial remit.
In order to create an interior that meets all the requirements and desires of the customer, it is necessary to understand what the customer really needs, not only to hear what he or she says, but also to understand that what he or she really thinks.
Further converted by a variety of professional techniques and tools in the space of one or another style that will reflect the needs and wishes of the customer and his family. I always think about the comfort of my customers, because they definitely need to experience positive emotions, being in their own living environment
It is important to take into account all color preferences, fabrics and textures.
Intuition and psychology can play a large part in the design process. Finding the harmony in many different perspectives and influences is key to a successful project. Clients are my biggest muse.


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